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General terms


1. If you want to order a product online you need to be adult. Minors can be ordered only under the guarantee of adults (parents, relatives ...adults must also paid the product).
2. If you want to cooperate with the store you have to be registered. When you will registering, please read the general conditions for customers and check the box to agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document.
3. For customers who sell their products Dresscode limited, these General Terms and Conditions apply at the same time as the Contract of sale of goods and as a Commission contract.

Protection for Buyers and delivery

1. After completion of the order the customer will receive notice of consignment dispatched to your e-mail address, which confirms the order by clicking on the link.
2. Any additional costs related to the dispatch of the consignment are taking over by the party. If during postal delivery party is not available, then the party must take personal delivery.
3. Dresscode limited deliver the shipment within 2 working days (48 hours) after purchase and payment of goods. Delivery time depends on the travel time of shipment and conditions of postal operator.

Returning items

1. A party shall have the right to return the product within 8 working days. The money will not be returned, the customer can choose another products (equal or greater value).
2. If the customer chooses to return the product, it must at his own expense return to exactly the same state in which it is received the product. The customer assumes one hundred percent (100%) ownership in the goods until it its own.

The liability of the parties

1. From the moment of the dispatched the shipment the party takes full responsibility.
2. When Dresscode limited receives the full amount of the purchase and shipping costs for the selected product, than the customer is owner of the products

Prices and payment method

1. The prices of products are visibly posted online and include VAT.
2. Commodity prices may change at any time. The changes do not apply to products that have already been purchased and / or dispatch.
3. If by mistake the wrong (too high / too low) amount referred to in the online shop, the customer will be contacted and informed about the error before the products are dispatched. In this case, the customer has the right to terminate the contract and recover the payments if the goods have already paid.
4. Payments shall be made by invoice, collect, via a card or through PayPal system. The goods will be dispatched as soon as can be seen in our account payment or within 2 working days.

 The rules on recovery of products

1. DESIGNERS second hand store will return only the value of the products but not the costs of delivery.
2. The costs of sending the products shall be cover by the customer.
3. If the customer send back the products from different reason (unidentified faults or damage in shop) the DESIGNERS second hand store will check the eligibility of the complaint and the customer will be informed by e-mail about the recovery of money within a maximum period of 5 (five) working days from receipt of the complaint, potential reimbursement of money is then carried out on the current account.
4. In the event that there is a refund due to errors by the fault Dresscode limited, the customer will be refunded the purchase price in full, including shipping costs.
5. If the customer returns the products to the state, which was not identical to the receipt / shipment (eg. damage caused by the customer) has a Dresscode limited the right to withhold funds product but at the expense of clients returned to the client. The product must be always photographed, including errors and traces of use, and this picture will be used as evidence of the condition. Important! The customer must take into account that the presented products in a shop are used unless otherwise noted (new, unworn). Customers are kindly asked that before buying the products carefully read its description and characteristics, see pictures, and in the event of the slightest doubt, in order to avoid misunderstandings, contacted via mail or telephone number.

Responsibility DESIGNERS second hand store

1. Any products  that are sold in the online store are used (unless otherwise indicated) with the addition of photos and descriptions.
2. Dresscode limited in advance verifying the originality of the goods. In the event that the product is not genuine, we commit to the buyer full return of money.

Unforeseen events / force majeure

1. Dresscode limited not liable if any of the provisions outlined in the contract, which cannot be influenced (force majeure).
2. "force majeure" is considered any act, event or incident that occurs outside of rational control:
a) strike or other labor movements;
b) social turmoil, riots, invasion, terrorist attacks, war;
c) Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or other natural disasters;
d) the inability of use of rail transport, ships, aircraft, cars or other private or public means of transport;
e) loss of use of public or private telecommunications networks;
f) laws, decrees, legislation, regulations or prohibitions government.

Conditions for retailers

Products you intend to offer for sale through Dresscode limited, can be new or used, the mandatory is indication of any deficiencies, but the products must be original.
1. With following the transfer of products intended for sale, you  giving us the right to their promotion and sales online.
2. In addition to the commission of 30% of the sales value + 22% TAX, you must pay the cost of cleaning, sewing repairs, etc., if necessary. The cost will be deducted from your purchase price.
3. Customers can not disclose the identity of the sellers. By agreeing to the terms and conditions are allowing the use of personal data for the purpose of mutual cooperation and resolving potential legal disputes.
Product Information / data

1. Dresscode limited adopt on sale in the web portal only those products on which are made agreement and review with the client on selling prices, commissions and conditions of sale.
2. If you agree to sell your products, we need the following information:
your full name, address and contact details, the transaction personal / business bank account, to which we will pay a purchase price for the product, less a commission, on a credible description of the status of your products, their age, the original price (if it is possible to attach the original receipt and packaging), and the tags following use or defects on confirmed sales price at which we placed the product in the store, the agreement that the selling price compensation for services rendered Dresscode limited in the agreed amount of 35%, the signing of agreement with all terms and conditions for the sale of the product. As proof agreeing to adopt conditions the client will receive the e-mail , where the client confirms that he agrees with the price and other conditions of sale through the Dresscode limited
3. The Parties undertake to authenticity and accuracy of the data.
4. Acceptance of the products can be made in person or by e-mail. In the case of sending by post, the cost of sending assumes the seller. We recommend that in case of sending by post you make additional insurance.
5. Dresscode limited liable for your goods from the acquisition onwards.
6. If we find out that a product is a fake, we will refund returned in person or at your expense by mail, in the state in which they are received.
7. Upon receipt of the product you must sign Acceptance sheet describing the product and personal data. This is the surrender of the Terms of Dresscode limited. With the signing of the takeover note the customer agrees to the conditions of cooperation.

Sell ​​Your Products

1. Upon the surrender of your products you agree that Dresscode limited may publish articles online and the products are offered for sale at all the other ways in which it considers that to be sold, irrespective of the type of sale.
2. Dresscode limited is committed to providing your products comply with the conduct of diligence.
3. The products are at an agreed selling price for sale 2 months. After this period we will contact you to agree on a new, lower price or return of goods.
4. In the event that the customer would like your products at a lower price, as indicated on the Dresscode limited mention, you'll be notified by email and we will wait for your consent, unless we are taking up let the price change. You agree that you will respond to such messages within 24 hours from the moment of their receipt and told us the agreement / disagreement. If we do not get a reply, we believe that you agree to a reduced price.

Charge your products

1. Once the product is sold we will notify you within 2 working days from the date of sale and payment product. Because of the options that the customer can return the product intact we will indicate purchase price, minus a fee made payable within 10 working days from the date of sale.
2. In the case of "force majeure", the deadline may be extended, but shall be prolonged even if there is a misunderstanding in addressing defects in the goods to the buyer, in case of delay in handing over the postal operator consignments or at any other intellectual problem. About this we will notified you by email and inform you about the reason for the delay and the date by which we will settle the amount of goods sold.
3. Dresscode limited undertakes to pay the cost of goods sold, minus a fee if the damage to the goods or its destruction within 30 working days from the sale of goods.
4. Dresscode limited will prepared the invoice products with the specification, on the basis of which you paid the purchase price in EUR (Euro), carried out by a bank transaction to your personal / business account whose data you submit to us.

Assurances about products

Warrant to us that:
g) you are older than 18 years, b) you are fully responsible for the sale of its products,
h) all information and all information you provide, credible and truthful,
i) your articles do not violate any law, statute, or regulation under the applicable law countries listed in identity documents,
j) information and your products are not obscene or pornographic and does not contain child pornography,
k) information and your products do not contain any discriminatory or racist tendencies
l) your information does not contain any computer viruses, "Trojan horses", "or any other computer software which might damage or destroy computer system, hard disk and content
m) the products intended for sale, washed / cleaned, shortcomings mentioned,
n) articles of your knowledge is not infected with the larvae, parasites and other microorganisms

Personal details and visit the online store DSHS

Personal data is used in accordance with the protection of personal data. By registering and using an online store, you agree to the terms and warrant that all personal information that you have provided is authentic and accurate.

Prohibiting the use of the online store DSHS apply:
1. If using violate any local, national or international law or regulation,
2. for any illegal purpose,
3. If you are loading, transfer or change the content of DSHS,
4. If using material published on our website in third purposes.

Content standards
The substantive standards relating to all article that are online.

The contents must not:
a) contain anything which may be detrimental to a third party,
b) contain anything which could be obscene, hateful, malicious or defamatory,
c) promote violence or sexual material,
d) induce sexual, racial, religious, health or age discrimination,
e) copyright infringement or use of data by third parties,
f) induce in any illegal act,
g) contain threats to induce abuse or harm the rights of third parties.
In case of violation of any of the above conditions, we have the right to remove your items.

1. Link DESIGNERS second hand store ("Link") can only be provided in the event that in any way harm your DSHS and its public image.
2. Connectivity cannot be transmitted to your Web sites.
3. In the case of abuse of your links to DSHS, we reserve the right to remove it without prior notice.
4. The DSHS will find links to other websites which are purely informative, and are not responsible for their content

DSHS has the right to change the content of the conditions, so we recommend that you occasionally check the conditions.

The Law on Protection of Personal Data

All personal data, we need to facilitate cooperation, are protected under the Law on the protection of personal data. Your personal details are kept for the purpose of:
1. The notification of any changes and developments in connection with the sale of your products,
2. to better fulfill any obligation to you as described in the contract,
3. for the purpose of marketing communication, which themselves can unsubscribe and stop sending DSHS marketing messages.

Disclosure of your personal data
They disclose it only in case of fulfillment of any legal obligations relating to the general terms and conditions for buyers, sellers and users Dresscode limited online store in order to protect the rights, property and / or safety of DSHS and our customers.

IP address and cookies
The first time you use an online store DSHS, you agree to the use of cookies and IP address in accordance with the Law on the use of cookies.

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