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How to shop?

Dresscode limited sells original articles of distinguished fashion designers and secondhand brands. Each piece of apparel is carefully inspected.

The process of purchase is very simple and safe:

- pick your piece in our online shop,
- follow the process untill the payment method,
- after we receive the notice about the purchase and payment, we submit the package to the post office within two business days,
- you receive the package by your postal service operator, usually within two days from the day it was admitted by us to the post office.

The products avaliable in our shop, can be chosen and bought by categories.
All pieces are arranged by:

-product type,
- degree of preservation,
-description of the item.

 Payment methods?

-Pro forma invoice
-Payment on delivery
-Payment with a credit card
-Payment with cash or card (avaliable only directly at our store in Ljubljana)

Paypal.com is a provider of safe e-payment methods and money transfers in real time (online authorizations of pay cards and credit cards)
Paypal can also be used WITHOUT a credit card. You can transfer money from your bank account directly onto your paypal account, using a prepaid system Trust Pay. The payment method is easy and fast. If for any reason you do not own a credit card, or you do not want to use it for online payments, this payment method might be perfect for you.

How to sell?

If you wish to sell your articles trough Dresscode limited, go to window "SELL" and the system will guide you.

With signing the forms you agree, that your products will be published on our website www.projectdresscode.io and social profiles (facebook and instagram). Dresscode limited provides the promotion and regular advertising of your articles till the purchase. 


Evaluating your product?

When we acquire your article, we fill out the acceptance forms, where the condition of the products is thoroughly inspected. The products must be clean and without any damage. Considering its condition, we categorize the article and estimate its value. If you are still in possesion of the original packaging and invoice, please enclose them too, as they raise the final price of the product. Products that are not in the best contition are either appropriately evaluated or returned to the seller.



Dresscode limted only accepts original products from prestigious fashion designers. We do not buy or sell fake products. If we realize that a piece which was brought to us is fake, we return it to its seller, or demand the reimbursement of the purchase price. The buyer is reimbursed the entire purchase price.



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